How Dental Implants Can Actually Be More Cost-Effective Than Dentures

If you've always wanted a perfect smile but your teeth are unhealthy or you even have missing teeth in your mouth, you may have considered both dentures and dental implants as viable solutions to your problem. You may have even talked to your dentist about getting either procedure done to make your smile more even and attractive, but are daunted by the potential costs you can be stuck with.

If you think that dentures are your only option to getting an affordable grin, guess again. In many ways dental implants can actually be more cost-effective than getting traditional dentures. Here is additional info on why dental implants can be the more affordable option for you.

Longer wear

Dentures need to be refitted and replaced as your mouth changes with age. As you lose bone density and your face changes as you get older, your dentures can become loose and uncomfortable. Every denture fitting and checkup adds up in cost, and you can end up paying out of pocket for replacement pieces once your insurance has met its limit. By contrast, dental implants are permanent fixtures adhered to your jaw and once that are in place you don't need to have them replaced unless they get damaged, which is unlikely.

Since dental implants have a longer wear lifetime than a single pair of dentures do, your savings in dental visits and new fixtures alone can make dental implants the wiser choice.

Payment options

Your dental insurance may cover the cost of getting dentures fitted but not replacement pieces if they break or become uncomfortable beyond a certain time frame. Dental implants can also be covered by your dental insurance company and since they are only fitted one time, your costs can be very minimal.

If dental implants are not covered by your insurance you can ask for a line of credit through them to pay for your procedure, which you pay back with your monthly premium payments. Once your dental implants are paid for you are done with the cost of them, unlike dentures which will need to eventually be upgraded or replaced.

Dental implants can be used just like regular teeth once that are in place and are very comfortable to most wearers. Since they look and operate like your normal teeth, you can experience a natural smile and be able to feel proud of the way your mouth looks again. Compare the costs of dental implants and dentures to help you decide which option is best for you.