Dental Veneers: Proper Care Helps Them Last For Years

Do you have stained or chipped teeth? If so, you may be considering cosmetic dentistry options to improve the appearance of your smile. Dental veneers are one option for people who have aesthetic issues with their teeth. Veneers are semi-permanent caps that fit over natural teeth, and they have a natural tooth hue to them. They are considered as semi-permanent because they are durable but can be damaged if they are not cared for properly. The following are points that explain how easy it is to care for dental veneers. 

Dental Hygiene

You will take care of your veneers in the same manner as you care for your natural teeth. This means that you need to continue to brush and floss your teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush. Brushing and flossing will aid in reducing the chances that you'll develop new dental problems such as gingivitis. You also need to see your dentist for oral exams and cleanings. This will help to ensure that your veneers are still intact and that you have not developed new oral issues.

Damage Protection

You may have habits that could put the integrity of your new veneers at risk for damage. Avoid chewing on hard non-food items such as pencils. You should also be mindful of hard consumable items such as ice, hard candy, and even hard apples. If you want to eat these foods, break them down into smaller pieces, or you can suck on ice or candy rather than chewing them. Alcohol can deteriorate the bonding used to adhere veneers to the surfaces of teeth. Consume alcoholic beverages in moderation. Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol.

Special Consideration

Perhaps you are also a tooth grinder. This is a condition that is referred to as bruxism. It can put stress on natural teeth and damage veneers. This does not mean that you are not a good candidate for veneers. However, you need to inform your dentist of your teeth grinding so that they can fit you for a mouthguard, which will need to be worn when you sleep.

Stain Protection

Veneers are generally designed to thwart stains. However, some veneers can get discolored in the same manner as natural teeth when foods such as pasta sauce, wine, and coffee are consumed. Limit your consumption of foods that can cause stains and consider using a non-abrasive whitening toothpaste after consuming these foods.

A cosmetic dentist is a good resource to use for more tips on caring for veneers. They can also help you determine if veneers are the right solution for you. Contact a dental office like Carolina Forest Family Dentistry for additional information.