Why You Should Take Your Dentures Out At Night

If you have dentures, then you may think that it is simply easier to leave your false teeth in your mouth 24 hours a day. While this may be easy, this type of wear can cause a lot of issues for you. Keep reading to learn about a few common problems with all day wear so you can better understand why it is wise to take your dentures out in the evening:

Quick Bone Reabsorption

When your teeth are removed, the bone ridge will remain and will support your dentures. Over time, this ridge will start to deteriorate and shrink and your dentures will feel loose. When this happens, you will need to have the denture base readjusted. A relining can be completed to add to the acrylic base or a brand new set of dentures can be constructed for you.

While you cannot avoid bone deterioration altogether, you can keep reabsorption from occurring at an expedited rate. One thing that can cause the reabsorption process from to quicken is when direct and constant pressure is placed on the bone ridge. This happens when you wear your dentures all day and night.

If you do wear your dentures all day and your jaw disintegrates too much, then the shape of your face will change and so will your bite. This can cause both aesthetic problems and chewing difficulties.

Increased Infection Risks

If you wear dentures all the time, then the acrylic base will sit directly over the gum tissues. Food can become trapped under the dentures and so can bacteria and plaque. However, the saliva will be unable to reach below the dentures. Saliva has many functions when it comes to the mouth. It washes food and bacteria away and it also helps to remove the acids that bacteria produce.

If you do not allow saliva to reach the gums by removing the dentures, then bacteria will thrive and cause gum inflammation. Sores can quickly develop and a widespread infection may form. This can cause a great deal of discomfort and you may need to remove your dentures for some time while the infection is treated by your dentist.

Not only should you remove your dentures at night so that saliva can reach the gums, but you should also be daily cleaning your upper and lower gum ridge with a soft-bristled toothbrush and some toothpaste.

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