Benefits of Braces

If you have lived with crooked teeth for years and are finally thinking of getting braces, you may be unsure that the orthodontic treatment is worth the effort and cost. Although braces are not overly expensive and many dental providers offer payment plans, you may still wonder whether such a lengthy treatment is right for you.

Many people who have had their teeth properly aligned using braces are pleased with the results and continue to enjoy the benefits of their orthodontic treatment. As you understand more about the benefits of braces, you may choose to move forward with your alignment process. Here are some of the advantages of braces:

More Confidence

The way that you look can affect your self-confidence. When you feel that a particular facial feature is less-than-attractive, your perspective can make you feel less attractive overall and less sure of yourself.

One of the most important features that you display is your smile. When people smile, others tend to smile back. This response is important to the way that you are perceived. If you are uncomfortable with your dental alignment, you may smile less frequently, and when you do smile, you may be reluctant to display your teeth. 

Braces can straighten crooked teeth so that you feel good about your smile. Some types of braces, such as those with self-ligating brackets, even give you a wider smile, which many view as more attractive. 

Speech Improvements

People with crooked teeth often have trouble pronouncing certain words, especially those with s, c, z, t and th sounds. Although pronunciation is largely due to the movement of your tongue, the tongue uses the teeth as a border during the formation of words. When the teeth are misaligned, the malocclusion makes it difficult to pronounce words correctly. The worst cases of misalignment usually produce the most severe impediments.

Less Jaw Pain

Poorly aligned teeth may affect your bite, which is the way that the teeth of the upper and lower palates meet. In some cases, the teeth on the sides of the upper palate do not meet those on the sides of the lower palate. In other instances, the upper front teeth are bucked and do not align with the lower front teeth. 

The misaligned palates can cause jaw discomfort. As braces realign the teeth, the jaw is often brought into better alignment, alleviating the jaw pain.

To learn more about the benefits of braces, consult with a dentist or orthodontist in your local area.