3 Things To Consider When It Comes To Sedation Dentistry

Being scared or anxious about going to the dentist is surprisingly common. In fact somewhere between 9 and 15 percent of Americans avoid visits to the dentist due to fear or anxiety. The problem is that avoiding the dentist can have serious repercussions when it comes to dental and overall health. For those who avoid the dentist due to fear and anxiety, there are options. Sedation dentistry can be very helpful for those who struggle with their fears. Here are three things to consider when looking into sedation dentistry.

Not Likely To Be Covered By Insurance

Sedation dentistry is very helpful for those who are fearful of dental procedures. Whether it's a teeth cleaning, a tooth filling, or a more complex procedure, there are a variety of sedation options available. There are also plenty of dentists willing to do sedation dentistry for their patients. The main downside to sedation dentistry is that it is not covered by most dental insurance. However, if the patient is undergoing a procedure that requires sedation as part of the treatment, dental insurance will likely cover some of the cost. 

The Cost

Since sedation is unlikely to be covered by insurance, patients will need to pay out of pocket. The cost can vary greatly depending on the level of sedation and the method used. Deep sedation is more expensive than mild sedation. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, costs between $25 and $100. Light oral sedation runs between $150 and $500 while intravenous sedation, which is moderate to deep sedation, costs between $250 and $900. For those who require general anesthesia, the cost runs between $300 and $1,000 on average. 

Anti-Anxiety Medications

Another option for sedation dentistry is anti-anxiety medication. These medications, which include drugs like valium, are a great option for those who are anxious about dental procedures. They can be administered in-office or the patient can obtain a prescription for the medication and take it before the appointment. It costs between $150 and $500 for anti-anxiety medications. These are a great option for those who simply want to take the edge off of their fears. Anti-anxiety medication is a good choice for relatively simple procedures, such as cleanings and fillings, that don't require deep sedation. 

Sedation dentistry is something that should be considered by those who are tempted to skip their dental appointments due to fear of the dentist. Some things to consider include the fact that sedation is rarely covered by insurance. The cost of sedation can be high, however, regular dental visits are required to avoid dental decay that can be even pricier down the road. Anti-anxiety medications are also a great option for those who are fearful or anxious about routine dental work.