Stop Or Minimize The Grinding Of Your Teeth

If you have been grinding your teeth in your sleep and worry about the damage to the edges of your teeth, try to stop the behavior or minimize damage by using the tips below. 

Meet With A Dentist And Obtain Dental Aids

Make an appointment with a dentist to discuss the grinding of your teeth. Even if you are unaware of doing this and have only recently found out about the problem, your dentist will examine your teeth to make sure that they are not damaged. The edges of your teeth are prone to breaking and enamel may become weak if they have consistent pressure from grinding.

A dentist may suggest that you purchase a dental guard or similar device. A guard is a rubber piece that is designed to be placed over the top or bottom row of teeth and will prevent them from coming into contact with one another if you continue to move your mouth when you are sleeping. 

Think About Issues That Are Worrying You And Discuss Them With A Counselor

If you tend to have a lot going on in your life and are often worried about bills, your significant other, or your health, your teeth grinding may become worse or become more prominent after thinking a lot during the day. Instead of keeping problems to yourself and trying to figure out a way to handle a crisis on your own, meet with a counselor to discuss the things that have been bothering you.

A counselor will provide you with insight about each issue and may help you realize that your problems are not as big as you initially thought they were. After finding solutions to the things that have been weighing on your mind, you may grind your teeth less often or may stop altogether. 

Journal Daily And Take A Sleeping Aid If Needed

Purchase a journal and write in it daily. Journaling will provide you with an outlet to release your feelings of doubt or frustration. By writing things down and reading them later, you may be able to make important decisions or realize that a problem isn't really a big deal. Make a goal to stop worrying about various parts of your life after you turn off your bedroom light each night. If you have trouble falling asleep quickly and worry that you will grind your teeth soon after you are asleep, take a sleeping aid to help.