Common Tooth Replacement Questions And Concerns

Replacing missing teeth is a specialized form of dentistry. Because many patients may not have experience with having a missing tooth replaced, it can be common for patients that are needing these treatments to be ill-informed about their options. There are a few questions that are particularly common, and having them addressed may help you to make informed choices about your missing tooth.

Are Teeth Only Lost To Traumatic Injury?

It is often assumed that a missing tooth can only be caused by traumatic injury. However, it is possible for a person to need to have a tooth extracted as a result of severe infections. In addition to infections of the soft tissue in the teeth, it is also possible for a tooth extraction to be needed as a result of severe gum disease. It can also be necessary to have a tooth extracted due to it being malformed or otherwise cosmetically compromised.

Are There Different Types Of Artificial Teeth?

When you have a missing tooth, it can be easy to become confused when it concerns the various tooth replacement options that are available. More specifically, patients will often assume that a denture is the only way to replace their tooth. However, implants are also a common procedure for replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges can be another option that is commonly used.

What Types Of Factors Determine The Best Option For Replacing Your Tooth?

There are numerous factors that will influence your choice of tooth replacement. For example, it can be common for patients to want to use a dental implant to replace their missing tooth. However, they may discover that gum disease has caused their jaw bone to recede.

The cost will be another major factor in determining the option that is best for you. Due to the numerous factors that will have to be considered, a prosthodontist from offices like NOVA PREMIER DENTAL will need to inspect your mouth to determine the extent of the damage as well as the best option for replacing the missing tooth.

When you have suffered the loss of one of your teeth, learning more about replacing the tooth is important for allowing you to restore your smile. After you have learned more about the causes that can lead to a person needing a tooth extraction, the various artificial tooth options, and the factors that will guide your choice of an artificial tooth, it will be much easier to have your missing tooth replaced.