3 Reasons Invisalign Is A Good Teeth Straightening Option For Teens

For many teenagers, the teen years are a time that they find themselves concerned about what their adult lives will be like. Some teens may become more concerned with their appearances. They might notice things about themselves such as misaligned teeth and want to correct them. Some of these teens may approach their parents and ask about the possibility of them getting braces. Others may want to straighten their teeth but have reservations about orthodontic treatments because they do not want a "brace face."  This may create a false sense of a difficult decision. 

Teens today do not have to choose traditional braces to correct alignment issues. They can opt for straightening options that are not visible. One of those solutions is Invisalign, and many teens have chosen it for a variety of reasons. The following points represent a few reasons why Invisalign is ideal for teens. 

No Compromised Food Options

Many teens enjoy eating junk food. Even if they do not consume it often, they may make these dietary options when they are out with friends. Special occasions or time between classes may involve eating things such as hard candy or holiday candy. Traditional braces wearers have to be wary of consuming these things because they can cause brackets to break. Although broken brackets can be repaired, they can also cause oral pain. 

No Social and Lifestyle Interference

Individuals who opt for Invisalign can expect to have fewer orthodontic office visits because clear aligners are used for straightening. Traditional braces require routine tightening. Aligners have to get replaced a few times during treatment as teeth straightening. Damaged braces require unforeseen orthodontic visits. Scheduling appointments for broken brackets means additional time at the office. Busy athletes enjoy having more time to focus on practices and games. Social elites and teens highly focused on their studies will appreciate the minimal interruption of time that Invisalign can offer. 

Easy Care

Invisalign may be viewed by some teens as an easier care option than traditional braces because teens continue to care for their natural teeth using the same brushing and flossing techniques they have been trained to do. Traditional braces are not difficult to care for, but they do require time to floss between brackets and all food must be removed from brackets. Sometimes stubborn particles may need to be picked away. The Invisalign liners are removed when it is time to eat and perform dental hygiene. They are easy to clean and replace after activities. 

An orthodontist is a good resource to learn more about the orthodontic treatment options available for your teen. This will allow you to compare solutions and make a decision that your teen can be comfortable with before, during, and post-treatment.