Ways To Handle Chronic Tooth Decay Issues

There are many reasons why you may face chronic tooth decay issues. You may have a medical condition that causes issues with your dental health. You may also be on a number of prescription medications for an illness, or you may be experiencing issues during pregnancy that are causing problems with your teeth. Over time, these issues can become worse and lead to pain and even abscesses. If this is the case, you may be looking to your family dentist for assistance.

How Can Loose Teeth Be Strengthened After Trauma?

If you were recently in an accident, like a sporting or car accident, and your face experienced some trauma, then you may notice that your teeth feel looser. You may be worried that your teeth could eventually fall out or need to be extracted. Read on to learn why your teeth may feel lose even if you've otherwise healed and how to fix the problem. Why Did This Happen? Your teeth are held into their sockets by periodontal ligaments.

3 Reasons Invisalign Is A Good Teeth Straightening Option For Teens

For many teenagers, the teen years are a time that they find themselves concerned about what their adult lives will be like. Some teens may become more concerned with their appearances. They might notice things about themselves such as misaligned teeth and want to correct them. Some of these teens may approach their parents and ask about the possibility of them getting braces. Others may want to straighten their teeth but have reservations about orthodontic treatments because they do not want a "

Ways a Special Needs Dentist Can Help a Child With Down Syndrome

Children with down syndrome can live a very happy and healthy life if they are treated with dignity and respect. However, some may struggle in situations that are new to them, such as going to a dentist. As a result, it is important to visit as special needs dentist in this situation. Doing so can help the child and the dentist get the best experience possible for the child's needs.

Does Your Child Need An Orthodontic Space Maintainer?

You may think that your child only needs orthodontic care in his or her teen years. However, it's a good idea to see an orthodontist when your child is young so that he or she can benefit from interceptive orthodontic care. Interceptive orthodontic care is about correcting issues while your child's jaws are still developing and while permanent teeth are still coming in. One interceptive orthodontic treatment you should look into is a space maintainer.