Signs Your Family Dentist Is Practicing Green Dentistry

A green dental practice is one in which the dentist minimizes the environmental impact of their practice. Now, green dentistry is valuable both for dental health and general health. Here are some of the practices that green dentists engage in: Using Digital Radiography Digital radiography has several environmental benefits over traditional x-rays. For example, digital x-rays emit less radiation than film x-rays, and this is much safer for your body. Secondly, digital x-rays don't involve x-ray films so you don't have to worry about the film and associated materials, such as lead foils and ray fixers, going to the environment.

The Importance Of Saliva For Your Oral Health And Tips For Increasing Its Production

If you want a healthy smile, you probably understand the benefits of brushing, flossing, and visiting a dentist such as BAHMAN GUIV DENTAL regularly. Understanding how your body operates is also essential for caring for your mouth, teeth, and gums. While surprising for most people to learn, saliva plays a large role in your oral health. Considering you produce an estimated 2 to 4 pints of it each day, saliva has to benefit your health and wellness.

Common Tooth Replacement Questions And Concerns

Replacing missing teeth is a specialized form of dentistry. Because many patients may not have experience with having a missing tooth replaced, it can be common for patients that are needing these treatments to be ill-informed about their options. There are a few questions that are particularly common, and having them addressed may help you to make informed choices about your missing tooth. Are Teeth Only Lost To Traumatic Injury?

3 Reasons Why Your Teeth May Be Sensitive

Sensitive or painful teeth are often the result of eating foods or drinking beverages that are either very hot, cold, or sweet. While this is the most common cause for tooth sensitivity, there are other, less common causes. Here are three possible reasons for tooth sensitivity and what you can do about them 1. Sinus Infections  Nasal congestion caused by a cold or sinus infection can cause tooth pain and sensitivity.

Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency should receive prompt treatment. Here are a few examples of dental emergencies and why they are categorized as such. Dislodged Teeth A tooth can easily become dislodged by a traumatic force, such as a blow to the mouth from a fall. Once the tooth becomes detached from the gums, the soft tissues that are attached to the tooth begin to die. As a result, the longer that the tooth remains out its position in the mouth, the greater the likelihood that it will not reassimilate properly.