Teeth Removal Aftercare: 3 Tips To Relieve Pain From Dry Sockets

After you've gotten a tooth extracted from your mouth, you'll need to take special care of the wounded area in order to prevent dry sockets. The pain from dry sockets typically emerge 2 to 4 days after the tooth is extracted, and the phenomenon has an occurrence rate of approximately 2% among all tooth extractions. Basically, your jawbone becomes inflamed from either a partial or total loss of the blood clot that usually sits within the tooth socket after an extraction.

Three Myths About Dental Care For Babies

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about how to best care for babies, and dental care is no exception. Well-meaning friends or family members may give you advice about caring for your newborn that is not accurate and could put their future dental health at risk. Here three myths about dental care for babies that you shouldn't believe. Babies don't need their mouths cleaned Your baby doesn't have any teeth yet, but that doesn't mean that their mouth doesn't need to be cleaned.

3 Surprising Health Benefits Of Choosing Invisible Braces Instead Of Metal Braces

Crooked teeth may not seem like a big deal if they're not stopping you from eating or speaking properly. However, those crooked teeth can cause serious health problems eventually if they're left untreated. For example, overlapping teeth can lead to decay, because you can't clean between them properly. Crooked teeth may also continue to shift gradually, leading to jaw pain, headaches, and even chewing difficulties. If you're not interested in wearing metal braces as an adult, you may still be able to fix your crooked teeth by getting invisible braces from a cosmetic dentist.

5 Things To Know About Laser Treatment For Gum Disease

If you have not been to the dentist in many years and finally decide to go, you might be surprised to find out that you have gum disease. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss, and it is not something you can ignore. It will need to be treated, and many dentists are now offering treatment with a laser. Laser gum treatment is a better option than older methods used for this, yet it will still leave your mouth sore afterwards.

5 Signs Of Serious Complications Of Wisdom Tooth Removal

Most people, especially parents of teenagers and young adults, consider wisdom tooth removal a regular rite of passage for oral health. While the vast majority of wisdom tooth removal surgeries and procedures go smoothly, there are a handful of serious complications that can occur after the surgery is completed. Watch yourself or your child for these five serious signs of a problem, and call a dentist immediately if you notice any of them.