Rise & Shine With Pain: 4 Dental Problems Associated With Morning Routines

Starting your day off with a pain can impact your whole day. It can put you in a bad mood, throw off your routine, and cause additional problems throughout the day. When this pain is located in your mouth, it can be irritating and frustrating. Typically, the best method to help stop this pain from occurring is by recognizing the source of the pain and then taking steps to help improve it. There are four dental problems that you may notice in the morning just after you have woken up. By recognizing these problems, you can get them properly treated and have more mornings where waking up is a more enjoyable experience.

Jaw Pain

One of the more common problems associated with mouth pain in the morning is a general jaw pain. When associated with a headache, you are likely grinding your teeth during the night. Also known as bruxism, grinding your teeth can put a lot of pressure and force on your jaw and mouth. Not only can this issue cause pain to your jaw, but it can wear down the teeth and cause additional problems over time.

If you're experiencing jaw pain, then it's a good idea to make a dentist appointment. A dentist can help examine the damage that has occurred and apply treatments. To help prevent teeth grinding in the future, a dentist can also have you fitted for a mouth guard. The mouth guard prevents your teeth from making contact together and is form-fitted to fit your exact mouth and tooth shape.

Swollen Gums

Waking up in the morning with swollen gums can be very uncomfortable. You may have pain through your mouth, and it may be hard to enjoy breakfast foods like toast and cereal. If you're noticing swollen gums for multiple days in a row, then you may be breathing through your mouth while you sleep. When this occurs, your mouth is exposed to bacteria that goes up underneath the gums and causes inflammation or infections.

The first step to help your swollen gums is to make a cleaning appointment. At this appointment, a dentist can remove the bacteria from your teeth and help reverse the onset of gum diseases like gingivitis. The next step is to find a proper solution to prevent your mouth breathing. Something as simple as nose strips may help with this process, but you may need to get referred to another doctor that can help treat your nose and throat.

Bleeding Gums & Tooth Pain

As you're tired and ready for bed the night before, you may not have taken care of your teeth like you should have. Leaving food particles in your teeth and gums overnight can result in a number of pains the next morning. This includes a general toothache or bleeding gums. The best treatment for this is a full dentist regimen of brushing, flossing, and mouth washing.

If the bleeding gums persist, then you should contact a dentist for further evaluation. The dentist can use professional tools to clean your gums, remove stubborn food particles, and prevent this damage from getting any worse.

Singular Tooth Pain

When the nerves of a tooth are damaged, it can result in terrible morning pain. While sleeping at night, you may suffer from a dream or nightmare that caused you to snap your teeth together and damage a tooth. When the nerves or blood vessels are damaged, extreme pain can run from your tooth and through your while body. If this is the case, then you should make a dentist appointment as soon as possible. A dentist may have to check it out and perform a root canal to help repair the damaged tooth. This will help alleviate the pain and give you a healthy smile. Just like teeth grinding, you may have to get fitted for a mouth guard to help prevent tooth pain or trauma like this in the future. It is a good idea, especially if you dream vividly and your body reacts to the dreams.

By being proactive about your dental pain, you can ensure that you spend the majority of your mornings feeling pain-free and refreshed.