Signs Your Family Dentist Is Practicing Green Dentistry

A green dental practice is one in which the dentist minimizes the environmental impact of their practice. Now, green dentistry is valuable both for dental health and general health. Here are some of the practices that green dentists engage in:

Using Digital Radiography

Digital radiography has several environmental benefits over traditional x-rays. For example, digital x-rays emit less radiation than film x-rays, and this is much safer for your body. Secondly, digital x-rays don't involve x-ray films so you don't have to worry about the film and associated materials, such as lead foils and ray fixers, going to the environment.

Using Reusable Items

Green dentists don't fill their practices with disposable materials and items if there are reusable options. It may be convenient to use disposable cups, bibs or protective apparel, there is sterilization equipment that can be used to sterilize reusable items and make them just as safe.

Using Biodegradable Materials

Another sign that your dentist has a green practice is if they use biodegradable materials. Many dental materials are disposable, and even those that aren't disposable eventually have to be retired. The more biodegradable materials your dentist uses the less their wastes will find their way to the landfills, and this is good for the environment.

Using Energy Star Electrical Appliances

One of the most common ways in which people foul the environment is by wasting electricity. Although it is not possible to stop using electricity, electrical appliances that perform the same functions don't always draw the same power. In fact, you can easily identify energy efficient electrical appliances with their energy star rating. Therefore, if your dentist uses energy efficient appliances such as washers and dryers, it's a good sign that they are concerned for the environment.

Keeping Electronic Records

Dental practices, just like other businesses, are using more and more paperless records today, which is good for the environment because paper manufacturing involves cutting down trees. This doesn't mean that a dentist should have any paper files in their practice; after all, some physical backup makes a good contingency. However, the more and more your dentist opts for digital records the greener their practice will be.

Using Updatable Equipment

Lastly, you will also know that your dentist is running a green practice if there dental equipment and tools are upgradable. These are equipment whose parts can be replaced with better ones when new and better inventions and technology come along. Upgrading equipment is much better for the environment instead of replacing the whole equipment regularly.

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