Ways a Special Needs Dentist Can Help a Child With Down Syndrome

Children with down syndrome can live a very happy and healthy life if they are treated with dignity and respect. However, some may struggle in situations that are new to them, such as going to a dentist. As a result, it is important to visit as special needs dentist in this situation. Doing so can help the child and the dentist get the best experience possible for the child's needs.

Children With Down Syndrome Face Many Challenges at the Dentist

Down syndrome can cause many unique difficulties in a young child's life that will stay with them for a long time. For example, those with down syndrome have decreased cognitive skills and may learn at a slower rate than others. And they may have a harder time controlling their emotions. These difficulties can make a visit to a dentist very challenging for both the child and the dentist. For example, the child may struggle to control their fear in a new situation and try to get free. And the dentist may not have the specialized training needed to help the child stay free of fear. As a result, it is critical to seriously consider the benefits of a high quality special needs dentist. These professionals fully understand how to help a child with down syndrome get the best dental care possible for their needs.

How a Special Needs Dentist May Help

A special needs dentist is a professional who has been trained to handle the dental care of myriad different people. For example, many dental experts of this type know how to treat people with down syndrome. They will know how to talk to these individuals and keep them calm during a tough process. Often, this experience requires the dentist to get to know the patient a few times before they get treatment. This type of interaction can help the child become more comfortable with the dentist and the treatment area. Often, the dentist can talk with the child, show them different types of dental equipment, and explain how they work. These steps help to make the situation seem less threatening and helps a child with down syndrome become more comfortable getting this type of care from a dentist.

Just as importantly, a special needs dentist can teach a child with down syndrome how to brush, floss, and use mouthwash in a way that works for their needs. In this way, it is possible for these children to get the high-quality dental health that they deserve.