Is A Mini Implant Right For You? Find Out More Below

With a mini implant, you can get a more attractive smile in a lot less time. Read more about the benefits of mini implants.

Consider Traditional Implants

To understand what makes a mini implant different, consider what goes into the traditional dental implant process. First, the patient is evaluated for an implant using X-rays to determine the health and stability of their jawbones. Since a long post is inserted into the jawbone, the bones must be strong to retain the post and the implant for a long time. Some dental patients must have bone grafting performed prior to the implantation process. That can mean waiting several extra months for the implant.

The post is inserted into the patient's gums and into their jawbone. The patient must wait for the inflammation to reduce before the second part of the implant is done. When the gums are ready, the post is topped with an abutment and then the permanent crown tops that. The traditional process can take several visits and sometimes may need outpatient surgery for a bone graft.

The Mini Implant Process

Here is where the mini part of the process becomes more apparent. The post used to insert the dental implant with the mini version is a lot shorter than a traditional one. This shorter post can be inserted into the patient's gums even if they have weak jaws. Shorter posts can mean less swelling of the gums. The post may also be thinner, and that reduces the need for sutures. All those things mean a reduction in inflammation and irritation for the patient.

The second big way this type of implant earns its nickname is the time needed for a complete mini implant is shorter. The patient can arrive for the implant surgery appointment and leave the dentist's office a few hours later with a permanent implant. There is no need to return for the post to be capped with the abutment or to wait for the swelling to go down. The post is immediately topped with the abutment and the crown ā€“ all on the same day.

This type of procedure is ideal for those with weak jawbones who want a quicker way to a more attractive smile. It also means one less surgery and far fewer visits to the dentist, which is important for most busy people. The main drawback of the mini implant procedure is a potential decrease in the longevity of the implant. Since this type of implant post is shallow, the tooth may not be as stable.

Speak to your dentist about what a mini implant can do for you. For more information about dental implants, reach out to a local dental clinic.