Protecting Dental Crowns If You Clench Your Teeth In Your Sleep

If you've had to get a dental crown to repair a tooth, but you occasionally clench your jaw in your sleep (or worse, you grind your teeth), you need to be proactive in protecting that crown. Crowns are like any other dental work; they are meant to be long-lasting, but even they face trouble if you suffer from bruxism. There are ways to protect the crown. Start talking to your dentist about these steps as soon as possible.

3 Tips For Keeping Your Clear Braces Clean And Stain-Free

If you were recently fitted with clear braces so the appliances would be less noticeable, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to keep them clean. If so, use the following tips to keep your braces and brackets stain-free and virtually invisible. Brush Your Teeth To Accommodate The Braces While you probably already know to brush your teeth frequently to keep your braces clean, you should also learn the proper way to brush to accommodate your new braces.

No Tartar Buildup, But You Have Cavities? Dental Anomalies Explained

If you have had a recent dental exam and your dentist informed you that you have some dental anomalies in your mouth, you may feel worried or concerned. Some of these anomalies are easily explained, but some may require a deeper investigation because they may lead to more serious diagnoses. Here are a few of the less disconcerting dental anomalies. No Tartar Buildup, but You Have Cavities How on earth could you have no tartar buildup but still have cavities?

Slips And Chips | What To Do After Your Little One Falls And Chips A Tooth

Running, jumping, slipping, falling — kids have a zest for life that leads to many precarious situations. Slips and falls are inevitable, and they frequently result in chipped teeth. If your child fell and chipped a tooth, what you do next depends on the amount of damage done. Ease your mind, and handle the situation confidently by knowing what to do next. Lead by Example to Keep Your Child Calm

Recovering After A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If your dentist recently informed to you that it would be beneficial to have one of your wisdom teeth removed, you are most likely concerned about the process and what you can expect after the extraction is conducted. Many have heard that recovering after the removal of a wisdom tooth is a bit extensive. Knowing what symptoms will arise will help you in effectively treating any pain you experience while the area is healing.