What Are The Consequences Of Gum Disease And How Do You Prevent It?

Gum disease is one of the more common dental health issues among adults. In fact, nearly 50 percent of U.S. adults aged 30 or older have been diagnosed with gum disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Whether's it is caused by smoking or not flossing frequently enough, gum disease can negatively affect your dental health and other parts of your body. Here are some of the consequences you can face with gum disease:

Are Dental Sealants A Good Choice For Your Child?

Most parents know that good dental hygiene is important for their child. You probably make sure that your child brushes their teeth a few times a day, and you try to limit hard, sticky, and sugary treats that cling to the teeth and lead to cavities. But is it enough? The truth is that some people are more prone to cavities than others, and it can be tough to prevent them with good hygiene alone, no matter how vigilant you are.

Dental Implants: How You Can Effectively Address Post-Surgery Pain Or Swelling At Home

Dental implants are typically followed with only fairly minor discomfort, but there are some instances when patients experience more significant post-procedural pain or swelling. The good news is that most persons can effectively address these issues at home using simple remedies that cost little and will grant relief from discomfort and swelling. Below are several things you can do to help eliminate the pain or swelling experienced after a dental implant:

4 Problems Caused by Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth humans develop, and many people know they can cause problems such as pain when they develop. However, pain isn't the only problem associated with wisdom teeth. Here are four problems that can be caused by your wisdom teeth. Crowded Teeth Early humans had longer jaws than those of modern humans, so there was room for their wisdom teeth to erupt without disrupting the positions of the other teeth.

Rise & Shine With Pain: 4 Dental Problems Associated With Morning Routines

Starting your day off with a pain can impact your whole day. It can put you in a bad mood, throw off your routine, and cause additional problems throughout the day. When this pain is located in your mouth, it can be irritating and frustrating. Typically, the best method to help stop this pain from occurring is by recognizing the source of the pain and then taking steps to help improve it.